Third and last concert with the theme "Jesu, meine Freude". Music by Buxtehude, Bach and Mozart! This time in Breviks kyrka, Lidingö with great co-singers Anna Zander Sand, Philip Sherman and Johan Wållberg. Lidingö kyrkokör and Stockholms Bachsällskap conducted by Stefan Själander. Thank you all for a joyful moment! #bach #buxtehude #mozart #brevikskyrka #lidingökyrkokör #stefansjälander #annazandersand #philipsherman #johanwållberg #claesottohammarlund #hannahholgersson

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Hannah Holgersson at Löddeköpinge kyrka Hannah Holgersson at Löddeköpinge kyrka

Finally I'm heading back home to Stockholm. I have experienced great and intense days with wonderful musicians and today I did my final stop on this last tour. I performed this afternoon during a private event in Löddeköpinge Church in Skåne County with a program of mixed genres from Edvard Grieg to Sarah Dawn Finer!

I must admit that I'm a bit tired. Not only because of the early flight from Bergen this morning, but also because of all musical input and output these past weeks. I'm looking forward to a couple of days of resting my voice, but after that I will dive joyously into music by Vivaldi and Purcell! =)

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Hannah Holgersson with a great Bergen view! Hannah Holgersson with a great Bergen view!

What a success! The Norwegian Soloists' Choir and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra were a perfect match and performed the Choral Fantasy by Beethoven and Friede auf Erden by Schönberg beautifully and with an extraordinary brilliance! Special thanks to amazing pianist and conductor Leif Ove Andsnes as well as to wonderful conductor Grete Pedersen!

I'm very pleased with my first visit to the Bergen International Festival as well as with my first performance with the Norwegian Soloists' Choir! Let's hope we meet again...!

They say that it's always raining in Bergen....but I must say that I have been lucky... It rained when we arrived yesterday, but since then it has been almost blue sky and sunshine...! As my visit ends I am now listening to beautiful raindrops outside my open window as I pack my bags for a very early flight to Copenhagen tomorrow morning. A private event is waiting for me in the south part of Sweden. Let's get some sleep....!

Det Norske Solistkor
Bergen International Festival
Mahler Chamber Orchestra

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Hannah Holgersson at Bergen by sunset! Hannah Holgersson at Bergen by sunset!

Together with Det Norske Solistkor and Grete Pedersen, I arrived in Bergen today after a morning flight from Oslo. Such a beautiful place!!! During the rehearsal at Griegakademiet the rain stopped and we got a wonderful pre-summer's evening! I took the chance to see and experience Grieghallen (our concert venue tomorrow night) when attending the opera performance "Voices and Votes". Looking forward to sing in this amazing hall as a part of the Bergen International Festival.

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Hannah Holgersson on her way to Oslo Hannah Holgersson on her way to Oslo

This morning I took off to Oslo, Norway, to meet Det Norske Solistkor (the Norwegian Soloists' Choir) for the first time. It was a pleasure singing with their conductor Grete Pedersen again. I worked with her a couple of years ago in Stockholm during a production with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. This time I will be a part of the Det Norske Solistkor as they go on tour to Bergen and the Bergen International Festival.

Det Norske Solistkor
Bergen International Festival

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Hannah Holgersson at the Barcelona harbour Hannah Holgersson at the Barcelona harbour

Great pieces of music started off this week;
Brahms; Fest und Gedenksprüche
Ligeti; Lux aeterna
Schönberg; Friede auf Erden
Edlund; Elegi
Poulenc; Figure humaine

The Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, with conductor Fredrik Malmberg, performed this magnificent program in Immanuelskyrkan, Stockholm, last Monday. The audience was thrilled and responded with a standing ovation!

Yesterday we arrived in lovely Barcelona to perform the program once more, and this time in Palau de la Música Catalan. The concert was held tonight and it was a joy for all of us to sing this breathtaking music in such a beautiful hall!

Eric Ericsons Kammarkör
Fredrik Malmberg
Palau de la Música Catalan

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Hannah Holgersson at the Chalmers' banquet Hannah Holgersson at the Chalmers' banquet

I'm on my way back to Stockholm after a great and intense day in Gothenburg. Yesterday I had the honor being, together with amazing Peter Johansson, the guest artist of the Doctoral Conferment of Chalmers. We started off in the sunny afternoon with the main ceremony at the Gothenburg Concert Hall. I did music by Edvard Grieg as well as the magnificent duet Barcelona (Queen) together with Peter. Later on during the following banquet at Chalmers we performed a various program of music; musical, rock, folk music, jazz and classical music. Eminent pianist of the evening was Sebastian Robertsson!

Peter Johansson
Sebastian Robertsson

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Hannah Holgersson enjoying Springtime! Hannah Holgersson enjoying Springtime!

...when merry lads are playing! =)

Welcome beautiful month of May!!

This month is filled with great music and adventures! Next week I will do a short tour with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir to Barcelona, Spain, followed by a tour with Det Norske Solistkor to Bergen, Norway. This weekend I go to Gothenburg for an event with great artist and singer Peter Johansson, as well as superb Sebastian Robertsson on piano!
Among other things...! =)

Peter Johansson

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Välkommen du underbar (Welcome wonderful you)
by famous film music composer Per Andréasson.
Film, photo and layout by Lars Köhler (2017).
Listen to the song

Salomos Sång (Song of Solomon) by composer Benjamin Staern. Musicians: Hannah Holgersson, soprano; Staffan Scheja, piano; Christian Svarfvar, violin; Hanna Dahlkvist, cello: Magnus Holmander, clarinet.

Barcelona (Queen) performed by Peter Johansson and Hannah Holgersson during the Champions of Rock Tour 2017. Listen to the song HERE!


  • Julia Sigblad • 21 juni 2018 09:11:56
    Inte bara fantastiskt professionell i ditt artisteri, utan även i din lärarroll! Tack för ett fantastiskt år med dig där jag fått utvecklat rösten som instrument, modet och min musikalitet. Jag kommer bära med mig det och kunna använda det varje dag.
    Eloge till en underbar sångerska, men också lärare. Kommer sakna våra lektioner! Kramar Julia
  • Anne • 30 april 2017 22:29:11
    Fantastisk Blogg du har. Vad kul att följa dig här. Lycka till framöver, kram
  • Philip Seddon • 18 februari 2016 15:45:34
    Hannah - Even though I am fairly well versed in all sorts of classical music, I have never heard of you (or Anders Hillborg) before, I'm sorry, but heard you singing O dessa ögon this morning on BBC Radio 3 (with Sakari Oramo) and was absolutely transfixed. An amazing composition by Hillborg, but an even more amazing voice of yours, with - especially towards the end - those near-, below- and beyond- octave leaps sung with absolute security, sharpness and clarity, and with a wonderful interplay of absence and presence of vibrato. What a beautiful, transcendent sound! Thank you so much! :-) :-)
  • Anne-Marie Brinck • 17 december 2015 14:11:12
    Hej Hannah
    Ville bara säga Grattis till alla fantastiska framgångar.
    God jul önskar
  • Anders Östberg • 3 november 2014 09:59:04
    Hejsan Hannah,

    Vill gärna tacka för gårdagens uppvisning i Matteuskyrkan. Det var en upplevelse att få vara med om detta och något av det vackraste jag har hört.
    Fantastiskt samspel mellan dig och orkestern, och jag satt som tur var bra till precis framför dig och kunde också SE dig sjunga. Så vackert! Tack för den gåshuden!
    Lev väl,
  • Anders • 2 november 2014 21:27:22
    Tack för en underbart bra konsert ihop Hannah, vilken stämning det blev och din röst utvecklas i en sådan fin rikting. Lååånga linjer som bär.Lysande. Hoppas vi hörs snart och välkommen hit och lyssna när det blir dags: www.waldemarsudde.se/evenemang/konserter