2017 > 05

Gunnar Birgersson, Hannah Holgersson and Gunnel Fred at Sundbybergs kyrka

God in Disguise by Lars-Erik Larsson and Hjalmar Gullberg...what a perfect Summer celebration!

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Singers: Erika Dahlberg, Isabella Amundsen, Emma Österberg, Frida Rålin and Sebastian Lundkvist. Actors: Dariel Riera and Emil Andersson. Piano: Göran Nygren. Host: Hannah Holgersson

I am proud of my student singers...

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Hanna Dahlkvist, Christian Svarfvar, Hannah Holgersson, Magnus Holmander and Staffan Scheja at Konstakademien.

It's been an exciting and challenging task...

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Hannah Holgersson, Magnus Holmander, Staffan Scheja, Christian Svarfvar and Hanna Dahlkvist during rehearsal at Konstakademien

We are in the exciting process of giving birth to new music...

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Staffan Scheja, Christian Svarfvar and Hannah Holgersson at the Royal Stockholm Academy of Music

Exciting moments and days diving into new music...

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2017 > 05

Premier of Tsurah by Jacob Mühlrad and of Song of Solomon/Salomos Sång by Benjamin Staern during the multi cultural event WORDS.

WORDS revolves around music commissioned by Judisk Kultur i Sverige from exciting composers Jacob Mühlrad and Benjamin Staern. Their compositions - inspired by Jewish literature and traditional texts - will premier on May 13 and performed again on May 14.
Musicians: Hannah Holgersson, soprano; Staffan Scheja, piano; Christian Svarfvar, violin; Hanna Dahlkvist, cello: Magnus Holmander, clarinet.

More information on:
Judisk Kultur

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