YES!!! The fresh wind of freedom! 🙌 No more restrictions for concerts and stage within a couple of weeks!!🥳 #freedom #nomore #nomorerestrictions #postpandemic #stage #concert #singing #perform #musician #hannahholgersson #letscometogether #joy

2017 > 08

Premier of Aeterna Photo: Karin Adolfsson

Yesterday night was overwhelming in many aspects! As always it’s a true privilege singing the heavenly melody lines of Anders Hillborg...

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Maestro Esa-Pekka Salonen, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Swedish Radio Choir during runthrough of Aeterna

One of my dreams is coming true these days...

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Ida Falk Winland, James Gaffigan, Hannah Holgersson and Anders Hillborg after performing Sirens during the Proms 2017
Standing ovation at the Royal Albert Hall for Sirens by Anders Hillborg!

What a glorious night in a full seated Royal Albert Hall during Prom 18! The audience was thrilled and entranced by the magnificent music of Sirens by Anders Hillborg!

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