JOURNAL by Claude Vivier
16 May 2018 at 19.00
Grünewaldsalen, Stockholm Concert Hall

Hannah Holgersson, soprano
Maria Sanner, alto
Thomas Volle, tenor
Staffan Liljas, bass
Eric Ericson Chamber Choir
Fredrik Malmberg, conductor
Reine Brynolfsson, actor



Hannah Holgersson performs music by Jan Johansson during the Baltic Sea Festival 2018.
More info on: a-swedish-jazz-legend

Composer Thea Musgrave. Photo: Kate Mount:


Songs and orchestral dreams with Thea Musgrave.

Friday 23 November 2018 19.00
Stockholms Konserthus, Main Hall

Norrköpings Symfoniorkester
Dalia Stasevska, conductor
Ellen Nisbeth, viola
Hannah Holgersson, soprano



Songs by Thea Musgrave.

Sunday 25 November 2018 15.00
Stockholms Konserthus,
The Grünewald Hall

Musicians from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Nicholas Daniel, oboe/english horn
Hannah Holgersson, soprano


New song recorded and released!
Välkommen du underbar (Welcome wonderful you)
by famous film music composer Per Andréasson.
Film, photo and layout by Lars Köhler.
Listen to the song



Coffee with these two wonderful colleagues and brilliant musicians!⭐️ #henrikmåwe #christiansvarfvar #hannahholgersson

2017 > 09

Peter Johansson and Hannah Holgersson rehearsing Barcelona

Meeting today with the band and the choir, and of course with Peter Johansson, for rehearsals!

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Claudia Bonfiglioli, Johannes Rostamo and Hannah Holgersson backstage at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

What a perfect combination...music and picture! I have had so much fun this past week...

...singing and performing with outstanding Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Massimo Zanetti, Claudia Bonfiglioli (violin), Johannes Rostamo (cello) and my dear co-singer David Lindgren!
Thanks from my heart to the Stockholm Concert Hall for inviting me again, to all participants and producers of La Dolce Vita, and also to an amazing audiene responding immediately to the music combined with the film, and to all those of you who have given credits, flowers and support! Thank you!!
See you soon again!

David Lindgren and Hannah Holgersson getting ready for stage entry...
David Lindgren and Hannah Holgersson getting ready for stage entry...
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Gala evening with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Photo: Birgitta Axelius
Gala evening with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. Photo: Birgitta Axelius

What at magic opening night of the concert season! La Dolce Vita - a tribute to the music of Italian cinema!

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David Lindgren and Hannah Holgersson preparing for La Dolce Vita

This week I'm going Italian... Diving into the entrancing and beautiful Italian film music!!

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It is time for great emotions...love, loss, solitude, melancholy...

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2017 > 09

Peter Johansson and Hannah Holgersson breaking the news of the upcoming tour together!

Hannah will be one of the guest artists during the Champions of Rock Tour 2017!
During this celebration of music by Queen Hannah will, together with main artist Peter Johansson perform one of Queen's greatest hits; Barcelona.

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Welcome to a lavish evening of cinematic soundtracks. At this concert, audiences will enjoy a generous programme featuring many of film history’s most famous soundtracks – live with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Massimo Zanetti, conductor
Hannah Holgersson, vocals
David Lindgren, vocals
Claudia Bonfiglioli, violin
Johannes Rostamo, cello

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Hannah Holgersson during New Year concert in Bardufoss with Forsvarets Musikkorps Nord-Norge, January 2017. Photo: Odd-Inge Larsen



Ave Maria, an EP containing three of our most beloved Ave Maria songs; by G Caccini, F Schubert and Bach-Gounod.

Order your Ave Maria album HERE


  • Anne • 30 april 2017 22:29:11
    Fantastisk Blogg du har. Vad kul att följa dig här. Lycka till framöver, kram
  • Philip Seddon • 18 februari 2016 15:45:34
    Hannah - Even though I am fairly well versed in all sorts of classical music, I have never heard of you (or Anders Hillborg) before, I'm sorry, but heard you singing O dessa ögon this morning on BBC Radio 3 (with Sakari Oramo) and was absolutely transfixed. An amazing composition by Hillborg, but an even more amazing voice of yours, with - especially towards the end - those near-, below- and beyond- octave leaps sung with absolute security, sharpness and clarity, and with a wonderful interplay of absence and presence of vibrato. What a beautiful, transcendent sound! Thank you so much! :-) :-)
  • Anne-Marie Brinck • 17 december 2015 14:11:12
    Hej Hannah
    Ville bara säga Grattis till alla fantastiska framgångar.
    God jul önskar
  • Anders Östberg • 3 november 2014 09:59:04
    Hejsan Hannah,

    Vill gärna tacka för gårdagens uppvisning i Matteuskyrkan. Det var en upplevelse att få vara med om detta och något av det vackraste jag har hört.
    Fantastiskt samspel mellan dig och orkestern, och jag satt som tur var bra till precis framför dig och kunde också SE dig sjunga. Så vackert! Tack för den gåshuden!
    Lev väl,
  • Anders • 2 november 2014 21:27:22
    Tack för en underbart bra konsert ihop Hannah, vilken stämning det blev och din röst utvecklas i en sådan fin rikting. Lååånga linjer som bär.Lysande. Hoppas vi hörs snart och välkommen hit och lyssna när det blir dags: www.waldemarsudde.se/evenemang/konserter