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Hannah Holgersson and Jenna Lee-James with photopearls by NabbiBeans. Peter Johansson in the background.

Although last week had a very tight schedule, I was privileged with many wonderful moments, of both music and meetings with great colleagues and friends!

After performing with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and conductor Patrik Ringborg. Co-soloist was fantastic Andreas E Olsson. Some of the choir members from the left: Elias Aaron Johansson, Charlotta Hedberg, Eva Berglund, (Hannah Holgersson), Elin Skorup, Anna Graca, Boel Adler.
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Photo: Mats Lundqvist

Ingvar Lidholm (24 February 1921 - 17 October 2017)

The music by Ingvar Lidholm played an important role of my vocal education and of my understanding and knowledge of contemporary music! One of my first experiences of his significant and amazing tonal landscape was through his songs for voice and piano. Once entering the sound world by Ingvar, and when the colourful melody lines and close harmonies are all set in body and soul, the music stays forever.

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Ola Salo, Jenna Lee-James and Hannah Holgersson at Kraft Arena Skellefteå

Great show of Champions of Rock yesterday at Kraft Arena Skellefteå! More than 4000 came to enjoy the evening and we got wonderful feedback from the audience! Thank you Skellefteå! Now the tour bus is going south to Örnsköldsvik! Looking forward to the evening!

Hannah Holgersson backstage att Kraft Arena Skellefteå
Hannah Holgersson backstage att Kraft Arena Skellefteå
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Hannah Holgersson, Peter Johansson and Jenna Lee-James at Löfbergs Arena Karlstad

Enjoying the last weeks. A great mixture of performing and giving back all my knowledge to interested student singers...

Peter Johansson and Hannah Holgersson singing Barcelona by Queen. Photo: Photos by Human
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Champions of Rock Himmelstalundshallen

What a great opening night of Champions of Rock!! Almost 4000 people came to Himmelstalundshallen, Norrköping, to enjoy the incredible and fantastic music of Queen!

Hannah Holgersson Champions of Rock
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2017 > 10

Hannah Holgersson takes part of the a cappella concert with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir at the Stockholm Concert Hall, conducted by Patrik Ringborg.
Hannah will sing the masterpiece by Ingvar Lidholm; ...a riveder le stelle.

Ingvar Lidholm (24 February 1921 - 17 October 2017), in memoriam.

Eric Ericson Chamber Choir
Stockholms Konserthus Saturday October 28, 2017

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