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Nicholas Daniel, Hannah Holgersson and Pascal Siffert backstage at Grünewaldsalen, Stockholms Konserthus.

This past Sunday I participated in the last concert of the Stockholm International Composer Festival dedicated to Thea Musgrave. It was an amazing and impressive chamber concert with Musgrave music from the 1950s undtil today.
I sang  A song for Christmas (to poems by William Dunbar) with brilliant pianist Stefan Lindgren. This song was composed during the late 1950s and is wonderfully built on twelve-tone technique.
Together with Nicholas Daniel (oboe d'amore) and Pascal Siffert (viola) I performed Snow to poems by Isaac Rosenberg. This piece was composed 2010 and the three melody lines are closely and beautifully entwined!

I want to give my warmest thanks to Norrköpings Symfoniorkester, to conductor Dalia Stasevska, to Stockholms Konserthus/Stockholm Concert Hall, to Stefan Lindgren, Pascal Siffert and Nicholas Daniel, and of course to Thea Musgrave for a wonderful production week during the Composer Festival 2018. It has been an honor!

Hannah Holgersson and Stefan Lindgren backstage at Grünewaldsalen, Stockholms Konserthus.
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Thea Musgrave and Hannah Holgersson at the Stockholm Concert Hall

It's a great honor to perform during the Stockholm International Composer Festival, and to get to know, to meet and to work with the composer Thea Musgrave herself! Yesterday I performed her Songs for a Winter's Evening to poems by Robert Burns, with Norrköpings Symfoniorkester conducted by Dalia Stasevska. These songs are painting the love of a young girl, then the journey through life and end in the love of the mature and wise woman. It has been fantastic to learn these songs and to be a part of the magnificent tonal landscape of Thea's!

Hannah Holgersson at the Thea Musgrave Composer Festival, Stockholm Concert Hall
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Hannah Holgersson singing with Norrköpings Symfoniorkester and conductor Dalia Stasevska

It's such a privilege to sing the magnificent music of Thea Musgrave! Today we continued to rehearse Songs for a Winter's Evening (to poems by Robert Burns) with Norrköpings Symfoniorkester conducted by Dalia Stasevska! Later on I went from Norrköping to Stockholm to meet with Thea Musgrave and as well with Nicholas Daniel (oboe d'amore) and Pascal Siffert (viola) to go through the piece Snow to poems by Isaac Rosenberg.
Tomorrow we'll do an open dress rehearsal of the program for Friday night. For more information please visit:
Norrköpings Symfoniorkester

Nicholas Daniel, Hannah Holgersson and Thea Musgrave at the Stockholm Concert Hall
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Hannah Holgersson, Stefan Lindgren and Thea Musgrave

Today I got to meet wonderful Thea Musgrave for the first time! I had a great moment with her and her husband Peter Mark going through some of the music for the upcoming concerts this week. I am performing at the Composer Festival at the Stockholm Concert Hall, and the spotlight is on Thea Musgrave and her amazing music.
Pianist Stefan Lindgren and I will do one of the songs for the Sunday concert; A Song for Christmas!

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Hannah Holgersson singing with Radiojazzgruppen at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress Photo: Stefan Holmström

I have really enjoyed these last days singing amazing jazz music from the 1960s! I got the chance to sing once more the beautiful piece Ljus tungt som bly by Jan Johansson (lyrics by Elisabet Hermodsson). The last time was during Östersjöfestivalen in August. During these new concerts with Radiojazzgruppen I also performed the piece Intermittent meditation över Dr Martin Luther King Jr by Georg Riedel.
Last night we did the final Jan Johansson Tribute concert at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. Thank you all involved in this project! Thanks to all wonderful co-musicians, and special greetings to Georg Riedel (conductor and producer) and Lennart Åberg (producer).

Georg Riedel and Hannah Holgersson at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
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Hannah Holgersson with Radiojazzgruppen at Fasching Jazz Club

What a great night yesterday at Fasching Jazz Club, Stockholm! The greatest co-musicians in Radiojazzgruppen conducted by Georg Riedel, a wonderful audience and a warm and inspiring atmosphere!
I am so proud to sing with Radiojazzgruppen again. Last time was during Östersjöfestivalen at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, in August. During these new concerts I sing of course music by Jan Johansson, but also music by Georg Riedel!
Tonight we'll do this fantastic concert at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.

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Hannah Holgersson singing Ivar Widéen Requiem with Essinge Kammarkör. Photo: Björn Ehnberg

I am rejoicing in the light. The light and the love are so much stronger than the darkness!
During these days of All Saints and days of All Souls, we light candles and focus on good memories and the love to one another. It's a great thing for me to honor all this by music and through my voice.
So, thank you Essinge kyrka, Essinge Kammarkör, conductor Espen Myklebust Olsen and Tobias Ringborg (violin) for a soulful and beautiful evening, with music by Ivar Widéen and Gabriel Fauré, among others.

Tobias Ringborg, Hannah Holgersson and Espen Myklebust Olsen at Essinge kyrka.
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Det här är ditt nya blogginlägg. Vi har lagt till denna text och bild som exempel på vad du kan göra. Nu är det bara för dig att skriva din egna text, lägga in bilder, video… ja, vad som helst. Du kan ändra allt och även ta bort det du inte vill ha.


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Johan Wållberg, Maria Sanner, Hannah Holgersson and Thomas Volle after singing Requiem by Mozart at Uppenbarelsekyrkan, Saltsjöbaden.

May eternal light shine upon them...
Soulful music through Requiem by W A Mozart in memoriam of our beloved ones.

Thanks to all performing the Requiem yesterday in Uppenbarelsekyrkan, Saltsjöbaden!

Maria Sanner, alto
Thomas Volle, tenor
Johan Wållberg, bass
Saltsjöbadens Kyrkokör
Symfoniorkestern Pro Musica
Katja Själander, conductor

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2018 > 11

Thea Musgrave and her music are in focus during the Stockholm International Composer Festival 2018. Hannah Holgersson will perform during two of the festival concerts:

Songs and orchestral dreams with Thea Musgrave.
Friday 23 November 2018 19.00
Stockholms Konserthus, Main Hall
Norrköpings Symfoniorkester
Dalia Stasevska, conductor
Ellen Nisbeth, viola
Hannah Holgersson, soprano

Songs by Thea Musgrave.
Sunday 25 November 2018 15.00
Stockholms Konserthus, The Grünewald Hall
Musicians from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Nicholas Daniel, oboe/english horn
Hannah Holgersson, soprano

More information on:
Stockholm International Composer Festival 2018 Thea Musgrave

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Jan Johansson Tribute at Fasching, Stockholm

16-17 November Hannah Holgersson will be a part of the Jan Johansson tribute in Stockholm at Fasching, and in Uppsala at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress.
In addition to the music by Jan Johansson, Hannah will also perform music by Georg Riedel.

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Performing are:
Georg Riedel - conductor
Jan Allan, Hans Dyvik, Nils Jansson, Elin Andersson - trumpet
Anders Wiborg - bass trombone
Amanda Sedgwick, Johan Alenius, Lennart Åberg, Fredrik Lindborg -saxophones/woodwinds
Rita Marcotulli - piano
Mats Bergström - guitar
Christian Spering - bass
Peter Danemo - drums
Henrik Frendin - viola
Hannah Holgersson - vocals

Jan Johansson tribute at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
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