Now is the Month of Maying...

Hannah Holgersson enjoying Springtime! Hannah Holgersson enjoying Springtime!

...when merry lads are playing! =)

Welcome beautiful month of May!!

This month is filled with great music and adventures! Next week I will do a short tour with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir to Barcelona, Spain, followed by a tour with Det Norske Solistkor to Bergen, Norway. This weekend I go to Gothenburg for an event with great artist and singer Peter Johansson, as well as superb Sebastian Robertsson on piano!
Among other things...! =)

Peter Johansson

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Peter Johansson and Sebastian Robertsson during rehearsal yesterday!
Peter Johansson and Sebastian Robertsson during rehearsal yesterday!
Blooming month of May!
Blooming month of May!

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