From party to requiem

The Händel Party at Bromma Folkhögskola. From the left: Clara Lundström, Isabella Amundsen, Emma Österberg, Dariel Riera, Erika Dahlberg, Göran Nygren (teacher and pianist), Sebastian Lundkvist, Hannah Holgersson, Hedvig Lönnqvist. Missing: Frida Rålin.

The past weeks have been intense and focused mainly on education in different forms...

I have been teaching music by Georg Friedrich Händel since November last year, and last week it was finally time for a Händel Party at Bromma Folkhögskola! My student singers were amazing performing both arias and duets from various operas and oratorios by Händel; Messiah, Giulio Cesare, Xerxes, Dixit Dominus, Ode for St Cecilia's Day, Scipione, Israel in Egypt, Atalanta, Salve Regina and Samson!
We set the stage as a real party with snacks, balloons and decorations, and invited the guests to dress up as us; for party! The evening turned out as we wished for and in the end people left in a great party mood, all surrouded by the sparkling music by Händel!

From the left: Nils Gustén, Hannah Holgersson, Bengt Ollén, Maria Sanner and Michael Axelsson.

I have been continuing teaching and as well ended a course in basic classical singing and technique earlier this week. Last week I also was part of a big concert project held by Stockholms musikgymnasium and Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser. Mozart's Requiem was beautifully sung in Sofia kyrka (church), Stockholm, by all these young and talented student singers, conducted by Bengt Ollén. I had the honor being a soloist together with Maria Sanner (alto), Michael Axelsson (tenor) and Nils Gustén (bass). Capella Nordica, consiting of many dear colleagues of mine, were playing wonderfully.

Hannah Holgersson and Åsleik Engmark in Bardufoss, Norway in January 2017.
Hannah Holgersson and Åsleik Engmark in Bardufoss, Norway in January 2017.

Unfortunately the requiem had to stay in my heart and mind... A week ago, last Sunday, Åsleik Engmark passed away... This multitalented and in all aspects wonderful artist, colleague and gone. I got lucky working with him a month ago in Harstad, Norway. It was a bliss performing on stage together and I appreciated his way of being openminded in creativity and in music!
Thank you Åsleik for memorable moments and rest in peace!
My thoughts go to his dear family!

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