High speed week...

Hannah Holgersson and Jenna Lee-James with photopearls by NabbiBeans. Peter Johansson in the background.

Although last week had a very tight schedule, I was privileged with many wonderful moments, of both music and meetings with great colleagues and friends!

After performing with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and conductor Patrik Ringborg. Co-soloist was fantastic Andreas E Olsson. Some of the choir members from the left: Elias Aaron Johansson, Charlotta Hedberg, Eva Berglund, (Hannah Holgersson), Elin Skorup, Anna Graca, Boel Adler.

Last week started up with rehearsals of the upcoming concerts such as Requiem by Brahms and the concerts with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir. Parallell with these preparations I was teaching daytime at Bromma Folkhögskola, focusing on various classical ensembles, such as music by André Previn, Giacomo Carissimi, Claudio Monteverdi, G F Händel and Johannes Brahms. These days of teaching also included a final class with the students from the theatre education. I was very proud how well they have already integrated vocal technique into their speaking and vocal performance!

After having on the Thursday a pre-concert of the program for the Saturday concert with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, I flew on the Friday down to Helsingborg for another wonderful night of the Champions of Rock tour! And with an early fight back to Stockholm on the Saturday, I had a lovely reunion on stage at the Stockholm Concert Hall with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, with whom I have not performed since three years. Conductor was Patrik Ringborg. And it was with a warm and thankful heart I sung ...a riveder le stelle by Ingvar Lidholm (1921 - 17 oktober 2017), "...we beheld again the stars"! Thanks to all involved!!

As a great final of this high speed week, I got to sing Barcelona with the Champions of Rock tour, and with amazing Peter Johansson, this time in Globen arena, Stockholm!

Thankful to all people on stage, back stage, audience, friends, students...and to my always supporting family!!

Hannah Holgersson at Bromma Folkhögskola.
Classical students at Bromma Folkhögskola. From the left: Anton Gäfvert, Isabella Amundsen, Hanna Sverlander, Anna Hoffstedt, Emil Andersson, Christian Moderato, Julia Sigblad
Rehearsal with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and conductor Patrik Ringborg
Dress rehearsal at the Stockholm Concert Hall with the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and conductor Patrik Ringborg
Hannah Holgersson at the Globen arena before the Champions of Rock show
Peter Johansson and Hannah Holgersson in Barcelona by Queen at Globen arena. Photo: Johnny Eriksson
Final of the Champions of Rock show at Globen arena. Photo: Josefina Torkelsson
Hannah Holgersson relaxing after show...

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