Last weekend of the Champions of Rock tour

Peter Johansson and Hannah Holgersson in Barcelona by Queen at Scandinavium. Photo: Anneli Elving

Today I say thank you and goodbye to an amazing tour of Champions of Rock! I'm so thankful for these two past months of wonderful musical moments with the greatest singers and intrumentalists, fantastic meetings with audiences from all over Sweden and the greatest tour final at Scandinavium (Gothenburg) and Malmö Arena, each one with an audience of 8000 people!!

Hannah Holgersson before going on stage at Malmö Arena.
Peter Johansson, Jenna Lee-James and Hannah Holgersson during soundcheck at Malmö Arena.
Thanks from my heart to all people included in the production on stage and backstage!
Peter Johansson, Lydia Johansson, Jenna Lee-James, Ola Salo, Neil Murray, Michel Santunione, Jamie Humphries, Georg Härnsten Egg, Michael Bramwell, Anneli Axelsson, Karin Bengmark, Håkan Glänte, Dan Rosengren, Mikael Henkelman, Lotta Hammarstrand, Oskar Johansson, Dallas Dahl, Charles Kjöbek, Veronica Panki Söderberg, Maja Hultberg...

Thanks also to the producers in Live Nation; Tommy Lundström and Patrick Froom.

And special thanks to most incredible Peter Johansson for your always loving and humble way of being on stage and off stage, and for being brilliant in singing and performance at every single show! You are a star! It's been a blast being part of this tour and to sing Barcelona with you! Thank you!
Hannah Holgersson at Scandinavium
Jenna Lee-James performing at Scandinavium
Tourbus going from Gothenburg to Malmö.
Soundcheck at Malmö Arena
Mikael Henkelman, Håkan Glänte, Anneli Axelsson, Karin Bengmark and Dan Rosengren during soundcheck at Malmö Arena
Charles Kjöbek, Hannah Holgersson and Dallas Dahl
Hannah Holgersson getting ready for show
Hannah Holgersson just before entering the stage by the stage lift

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